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Avoiding SNMP Support Error in eDirectory

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By David Gersic

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Posted: 25 Oct 2006


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I am installing the first Windows Server 2003-based eDirectory in our network. The master replica server is a Netware 6 server. During the eDirectory installation, the SNMP Support for eDirectory window appears asking for authentication. No matter what format I use for authentication, the server returns a "Unable to login as user.context.tree. Error code: -634"."

And here's the response from David Gersic ...


This is somewhat of a "stupid" problem, with a "stupid" solution:

1. Create a user object somewhere in your tree.

2. Set the password on this object.

3. When the SNMP login box comes up, give it this user and password and tell it to remember the settings (checkbox).

4. Click OK.

Problem solved.

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