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iManager Role for Renaming Only

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By Wolfgang Schreiber

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Posted: 22 Nov 2006


A Forum reader recently asked:

"We need to create a Role in iManager that allows its occupants to do nothing more than rename users. The default Rename Object is too broad for our purposes."

And here's the response from Wolfgang Schreiber ...


Here's a good way to accomplish that:

1. Locate \nps\portal\modules\base\install\iManager.xml

2. Find the segment containing "base.RenameObject"

3. Copy this segment (within iManager.xml, or better, to custom\install\*.xml)

4. In the copied segment, make the following changes:

    change  "base.RenameObject"
            to base.RenameUser
    change  *
            to  User
    change RenameObjectTaskDisplayName
            to Rename User

5. Re-install the module with these changes.

That should do the trick.

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