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Solving iManager Session Timeouts

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By Jonathan Cauthorn

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Posted: 15 Nov 2006


The iManager Session times out, requiring you to log in again too frequently.


Using the Tomcat documentation I was able to find that there is a <session-timeout> parameter. The default is that it is set for 30 minutes. To change it for a different time (usually longer time) you need to edit this file:


and search for the <session-timeout> parameter. The full section looks like this:


The default is 30 minutes. For my purposes, I wanted a very long timeout and I changed the parameter to make it 2 days long:


You can change it to whatever works best for you.


Modify the C:\Novell\imanager\tomcat\conf\web.xml file in this section:



iManager 2.6 Mobile for Windows is what I used and tested, but it should work for any Tomcat application. Be aware that this may affect your other Tomcat applications as well, which may be unintended or unwanted.

This should work on NetWare and OES or wherever iManager using Tomcat is involved.

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