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Troubleshooting License Errors on NBM

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By Craig Johnson

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Posted: 6 Dec 2006


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I'm running NBM 3.8 on a NetWare 6.5 server, and sometimes I suddenly seem to lose my license. On rebooting the server I get a message "Novell Border Manager License is not installed", but my Proxy and VPN are running.

All I found was a TID that mainly focuses on NetWare 5. I have an unlimited license, and the only strange thing (according to the TID) is that my NLSflaim.nlm is not loaded. How do I deal with these License errors?"

And here's the response from BorderManager expert Craig Johnson ...


Especially if you can do a stopbrd/startbrd after booting with no errors, you probably just need to delay the start of BorderManager until after licensing services is fully initialized.

1. Move the startbrd command to the end of autoexec.ncf.

2. Add a "?" to the front of startbrd (?startbrd). This will effectively give you a 10-second delay before it launches as the "?" will ask for a yes/no answer for 10 seconds (default value) before assuming the answer is yes (default value) and launching the startbrd command.

3. If 10 seconds is not long enough to wait, try adding a ? to a comment (Rem statement) ahead of the startbrd command.

You could also try to manually load nlstrap, nlsflaim, and nlslsp earlier in autoexec.ncf, but usually moving startbrd to the end and adding a "?" is sufficient.

Oh - and be sure you have a replica on the server as well.

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