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Fixing Blurry HTML in E-mail with Internet Explorer 7

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Roel van Bueren

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Posted: 31 Oct 2006


As most of you probably know, the GroupWise Windows client uses Internet Explorer to render HTML e-mail messages. Now, after installing Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 you may wonder why your HTML e-mail messages look a bit blurry. This has to do with ClearType being enabled by default.


You can solve this problem in two different ways:

1) Tweak the ClearType settings. Have a look at

2) Turn ClearType off by doing the following:

a) Start IE 7.
b) Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.
c) Scroll to the Multimedia section.
d) Deselect "Always use ClearType for HTML".

e) Stop IE 7 and restart it.

Now your HTML messages look normal, like before.

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