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How to Identify and Delete Obsolete Workstations in ZENworks Asset Management

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By Christina Chamberlain

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Posted: 1 Nov 2006

ZENworks Asset Management 3.5, 7.0

Ever wish you knew an easy method of identifying and deleting old workstation records in ZENworks Asset Management? Here's how you do it, courtesy of Novell's Christina Chamberlain.

SOLUTION: Create a workstation query in the Manager to identify and select records to delete.

EXAMPLE: First let me review the deletion and purge functions. When you delete data from the database (workstation or component records), we add a date stamp to the field IsDeleted. This flags the workstation or component as deleted. Deleted records are automatically filtered from all Standard Reports and in the Compliance reporting. When you create a custom report, the filter criteria will default to exclude deleted records.

The database purge will remove any records with an IsDeleted date stamp older than the time specified to keep Workstation History. By default, ZENworks Asset Management keeps this data for one year in the inventory database. The value can be changed from the Manager under Tools | Enterprise Options.

You delete workstation records from the ZENworks Asset Manager Console. Here are the steps:

  1. From the Manager create a new Workstation Query. Click on the Queries Tab, right-click on Personal Queries and select New, then Workstation Query.
  2. Modify the layout. Click on the Layout Tab, remove all the fields in the Selected Columns box. Add back, at a minimum, the following:
    Machine Name, Client Is Connected, Disconnection Time (found in the Detailed Connection Information branch), Last Successful Load Date.
  3. Set the criteria on the Filter Tab. I suggest you filter on Disconnection Time, as this is the last time the agent reported in to the Collection Server. For example, Disconnection Time < 10/1/2006, would show all machines that have not connected in October 2006.
  4. Display Results
  5. Select the workstations you wish to delete. Use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple workstations. Right-click on the row header (this is the small gray box to the left of the row number) and select Delete.

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