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Debugging SMDR on NetWare

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By Dean Giles

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Posted: 8 Nov 2006


Debugging SMDR on NetWare.

SMDR is the communications piece of the SMS architecture. If remote servers can't be seen, or connections cannot be made to remote servers, it is possible that SMDR is at fault. Debug logs for SMDR can be created by putting the SMDR in debug mode.


Putting SMDR in debug mode is accomplished by the following procedure.

Put SMDR in debug mode by typing at the file server console:


The file server screen will acknowledge that SMDR has begun debug logging by showing the start time of the log file and the debug log file name and path.

You would run any tests at this time that have the biggest probability of causing the failure that you want to debug.

Turn off SMDR debug logging by typing at the file server console:


The default debug log file can be found at SYS:SYSTEM/TSA/SMDRDBG.LOG.

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