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Automatically Loading the IDM UserApplication

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By Veli-Matti Luotonen

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Posted: 15 Nov 2006


The Identity Manager User Application on Windows server does not start automatically after restarting the server, without logging in to Console and starting MySQL And JBoss.


Here are the instructions on how to install MySQL and Jboss as a service, so the IDM User Application loads automatically after restarting the Windows server.

1. Download Java Service:

2. Download J2SE(TM) Development Kit 5.0 Update 9:

3. Install Java.

4. Set environment variables in /My Computer/Properties/Advanced/Environment/System Variables as follows:

a. SET JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_09
b. SET JBOSS_HOME=c:\novell\idm\jboss
c. SET path - Add to the end of line ;c:\novell\idm\mysql\bin

5. Boot the server.

6. Stop Any running IDM Jboss/ Mysql after restart:

cd c:\novell\idm\mysql\bin
mysqld --install MySQL --defaults-file=c:\novell\idm\mysql\my.ini

7. Unzip Javaservice and run the following commands:

installjboss mysql -auto
Start Mysql service - net start MySQL
Start Jboss Service - net start JBoss


  • Windows 2003
  • Javaservice
  • Java JDK 1.5
  • IDM User Application 3.01

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