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Using an Alternate Port for WebAccess Login

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Dave Simons

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Posted: 14 Nov 2006


When you install GroupWise WebAccess, by default the web page is running over http port 80. This is not really what you want for letting your users log in over the Internet, because someone with a packet sniffer could easily capture passwords.


I created a new index.html file in the DocumentRoot of my webserver. For Apache2 the default DocumentRoot is sys:\apache2\htpdoc\

The index.html file I use is this one:


<title>GroupWise WebAccess</title>
<meta http-equiv=refresh
content="0;URL=https://<your ip or dns of the webacces server>/gw/webacc">

<P><CENTER>Click <A HREF="https://<your ip or dns of the webaccess server/gw/webacc">here</A> if the secure webpage to <A
HREF="https://<your ip or dns of the webaccess server>/gw/webacc"> <dnsname of the webacces server> </A> does not automatically forward.</P>



All you need to do to make it yours is edit the the file and enter your IP adresses or DNS names. If for some reason you would like to connect to your webserver without SSL protection, just enter:

http:// ( http:/// )<ip-adres or dns-name>/gw/webacc


This solution works only for GroupWise 6.5 or 7. For GroupWise versions below 6.5 you need to edit the redirect path to:

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