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Workaround if a Second Workstation Object is Created

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By Oliver Fischer

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Posted: 14 Nov 2006

"Although this may work, remember that it's not supported by Novell. You should not get a second workstation object in normal circumstances, unless you move workstation objects from the container where your import policy creates them." -- Shaun Pond


If you reinstall a workstation, sometimes a second workstation object is created by policy in another container. This is a problem if you have associated several applications. The applications are not available after the reinstall, because the old object is not available.


  1. Go to the old Workstation object in ConsoleOne.
  2. Go to the Other Tab and copy the zenwmid.
  3. Go the Workstations Registry HKLM\Software\novell\workstation manager\identification.
  4. Copy the old workstation ID into the Workstations registry.
  5. After Reboot, the workstation is remotable and all associated Applications are available.
  6. Eventually you must also change the NDS Path from the Workstation object in the registry, if there is another one.

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