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Generating Random Passwords for User Creation

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By Arno Dorenbusch

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Posted: 29 Nov 2006


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Are there any available examples for generating a random password as a part of user creation?"

And here's the response from Arno Dorenbusch ...


Here is the sample code for what you want to do. Note that in the translation, numbers "0123456" are replaced by "abcdefg":

<policy xmlns:random="">


<description>generate Password</description>



<if-class-name mode="nocase" op="equal">User</if-class-name>




<do-set-local-variable name="randomNumberGenerator">


<token-xpath expression="random:new()"/>



<do-set-local-variable name="randomNumber">


<token-xpath expression="random:nextLong($randomNumberGenerator)"/>



<do-set-local-variable name="complexPassword">


<token-xpath expression="translate($RandomNumber,'0123456','abcdefg')"/>





<token-local-variable name="complexPassword"/>



<do-status level="warning">


<token-text xml:space="preserve">Generated Password is: </token-text>

<token-local-variable name="complexPassword"/>






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