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Replacing a Server and Keeping the IDM Configuration

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By Jeffrey Johnson

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Posted: 13 Dec 2006


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I'm going to replace an old NetWare 6.5 server running a IDM2 NDS-NDS driver that syncs with the main metadirectory tree. The new server will probably have a new IP address, as well as a new name. It will also run NetWare 6.5.

My plan is this:

1) Stop the driver in both the trees.
2) Export the driver configuration from the old server.
3) Install the new server and install IDM2 on it.
4) Import the driver configuration and change the IP on the driver in the other tree etc.
5) Start the drivers, and it all works!

Anything that I'm overlooking or missing? Should I do it some other way?"

And here's the response from Jeff Johnson ...


You could do that, but it is much easier to simply install the new server first and get it patched, etc. Then you would add that server to the existing driverset and copy the replica-only information over from iManager. I have done that many times when replacing IDM servers.

Here's the process:

1. Install the new server into the tree.

2. Place the necessary replicas on it. I always place the driverset on it beforehand, too.

3. In iManager, simply add this new server to the driverset.

4. When completed highlight the driver and choose "copy data". copy from the existing server to the new server.

5. Change the IP address and SSL certs as necessary.

No changes or additions have to be made to the licensing, since that is done on the driverset. When you switch your driver to run on the new server, make sure to disable it on the old one so that events do not cache.

I actually replaced two IDM servers recently and used this procedure with no downtime.

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