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The Benefits of Automated Patch Management

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Posted: 20 Nov 2006

It's a simple truth: applying patches is the only definitive way to keep vulnerable systems from being exploited. Accordingly, most organizations acknowledge the need for a formal patch management strategy and solution. They clearly recognize the potential risk in the proliferation of new vulnerabilities and associated threats. The realities of today's IT environment require that organizations not only deploy more patches than ever before, but also that they do so with a greater degree of urgency.

Given these demands, it makes sense to implement an automated patch management solution. However, IT and security personnel inevitably need to justify such an investment. They need solid data that quantifies the cost savings and other benefits of automated patch management. This paper shows that, relative to a manual approach, an automated solution can reduce the annual cost of patching from US$222 to US$40 per computer, resulting in an expected savings of more than US$180,000 per year for an organization with 1000 computers.

Download the PDF white paper.

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