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ZENworks Asset Management: Getting Inventory Information after Upgrading

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By Rob Aronson

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Posted: 27 Nov 2006

ZENworks Asset Management 7sp1, Windows XP sp2

PROBLEM: The customer upgraded 20 computers that had been in inventory from Win2k to Win XP. After the upgrade they deleted the machines from the database but were unable to ever get inventory again from the computers. They tried to reinstall the ZAM agent but it made no difference. The machines would begin to connect to the collection server and then disappear.

SOLUTION: The ZAM client created a registry key with a unique computer objectid that was being used to try and reconcile machines that are reimaged with existing computers in inventory. Reinstalling the client doesn't affect the computeroid setting in the registry. [Editor's Note: that is why we have differentiation and you should have that turned on if you are using images to push out the client.]

The solution is to delete the contents of the computeroid registy key on the affected machines. It wasn't being used anyway since there's nothing to reconcile with. The key is easy to find in the hklm\software\tally system key. [Editor's Note: The actual key is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Tally Systems Corp.\TSCensus\CollectionClient and the value to be concerned with, if duplicated, is the WorkstationOID section. We do use the workstationOID every time the client starts and connects and will try to reconcile or differentiate each time. ]

After deleting the computeroid use the services.msc control panel to restart the ZAM collection client and the machines scan as soon as scheduled. [Editor's Note: This would appear to be the case. Actually, even if several had the same OID the client would scan, but would not appear to since the last scan with the same duplicate ID would have kicked out the data from the previous.]

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