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Getting Mail Forwarded Directly, Not as Attachments

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Posted: 28 Nov 2006


A Forum reader asked the following question:

"We are migrating from MS Exchange to GroupWise 7. Users want to be able to receive their e-mails that are sent to our GroupWise server at the mailbox. There are also a number of Distribution lists that have similar requirements, as some of the recipients are also on the Distribution List.

I tried setting up accounts for them and creating rules which forward their mail but they get the mail as an attachment and this makes them unhappy because they have to make some extra clicks to open it.

The old Exchange Server handled this without a problem, so they all want to get their mail forwarded like the Exchange Server did it.

Can some kind person who has done this, point me in the right direction?"

And here's the response from a few Forum participants ...


The client-based rule you are using can use the Delegate Action. I use the Delegate Action to forward certain email messages to pagers. This type of action does not send the e-mail as an attachment but sort of "resends" the message. This might work for you, but remember it is a client-based Rule.

Here's how it works:

Client Rule Delegate

+ gwia.cfg


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