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Replacing the LDAP Client DLL in SecureLogin

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By Talekar Nagareshwar

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Posted: 6 Dec 2006

This tip explains how to quickly replace the LDAP client DLL (Nldapaut.dll ) for patch testing or field testing.


When Novell Secure Login is installed in GINA mode, replacing the LDAP client .DLL for testing becomes complicated. It requires the user to uninstall NSL and then reinstall, replacing with the new DLL. Another way is to restart the machine, then boot with floppy disk and then replace with the new copy of the .DLL.

There is a better and (trickier) way to do this task easily; read on to find out how.


In GINA mode, the Nldapaut.dll is used by the Winlogon.exe process. Hence, you cannot replace or delete this .DLL as long as winlogon.exe is running, and you cannot terminate this program. To circumvent this problem,

1. Use the RemoteDLL tool ( to free the Nldapaut.dll from the winlogon process.

2. Once you have unloaded the DLL, replace the existing DLL (c:\windows\system32\nldapaut.dll ) with the new copy.

3. Restart the machine and you will see LDAP client dialog with new functionality.

Note: Try this first on a test machine. Once you have replaced the file, immediately restart the machine, as winlogon may get unstable over time.


This solution was tested with Novell SecureLogin on Windows.

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