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Resolving Install/uninstall Plugin Problem with iManager

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By Talekar Nagareshwar

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Posted: 30 Nov 2006

This cool tip explains how to resolve the install/uninstall plugin problem associated with iManager. This is applicable to iManager running on any platform such as Windows, Linux or NetWare.


There has been problem with iManager 2.5 and 2.6 versions w.r.t installing and uninstalling the plugins on different platforms. Most of the times plugins were not uninstalled completely leaving them in the hanging state and thus preventing reinstalling those plugins. Then the user has to manually install/uninstall the plugins which is more tedious task since the user has to manually copy/delete the right files from the right location in iManager.


Now this problem can be solved by using the iManagerPluginInstaller located here. ( If you are not able to uninstall a particular plugin, then just reinstall that plugin using this tool. All old plugin files will be replaced with new files. For platform other than windows you have to stop the tomcat server before starting the install and then again have to start the tomcat server after the installation is completed. Since this tool runs on windows, for iManager running on NetWare and Linux, you have to map the tomcat folder on the server to the local machine.

Then specify the full tomcat root path in the tool.

In addition to this, you can as well use this tool to quickly install the plugins rather than doing the same from iManager.

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