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Running both Intellisync Mobile Server and WebAccess

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By Joseph Marton

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Posted: 12 Dec 2006


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Is it possible to run both Intellisync MobileServer and GroupWise WebAccess on the same IIS? Lots of companies have a port redirection firewall and a single IP. So, it would be ideal if they could go to and get the Intellisync page and connectivity, then go to and get GroupWise WebAccess.

I know I could always set up WebAccess on another server and use a different port from 80, but some sites my clients go to do not allow all ports to open. So, port 80 is a must, which kind of forces them onto the same server."

And here's the response from Joe Marton ...


You most definitely can't. I attempted this, and as soon as I installed GMS WebAccess was hosed. Luckily, uninstalling GroupWise MobileServer immediately fixed WebAccess.

Here's what I would suggest doing:

1. VMware Server is free, so install that on your WebAccess box.

2. Build a Windows 2000/2003 Server VM (requires puchasing another Windows server license if you don't have an extra license sitting around).

3. Install GMS in the VM. This is what I did using 2000 server.

4. Purchase an SSL certificate and use that to secure either WebAccess or GMS.

Let's say you use the cert with WebAccess, which is what I'd recommend. Now you can still use one IP from your ISP, and set up the port redirection so that port 80 goes to GMS while port 443 goes to WebAccess. This just means you'd have to tell users that they have to use https for the WebAccess URL instead of http, but that's not a biggie.

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