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Transitioning a GroupWise Mailbox when a User is Gone

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By Dusty Pulver

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Posted: 12 Dec 2006


When a GroupWise user leaves the organization that he or she worked for, the account is usually either left open (in case correspondence in it is needed in future), or closed (in which case, the correspondence is permanently lost).

If the account is closed, it can be a major hassle to get access to the data again, as restoring an account on a large post office requires available disk space to be at least equal to that used by the post office.


I have devised a system that has been successfully used by my organization for several years.

1. When the user leaves the organization, the password is changed to a known value such as USERGONE.

2. A record is kept of the user's FID.

3. When access to the mailbox is no longer needed by the user's replacement, the entire mailbox is archived.

4. The archive is put on a server and becomes part of the regular backup. Once the backup sequence has passed the tape that is put into long-term storage (in this organization, every three months a tape is withdrawn from the usual cycle and is stored off-site for 15 years), the archive is deleted - knowing that it is available on a backup tape.

5. A database is kept containing records of last name, given name, username, postoffice, FID, password, date left, and the tape where the archive may be found.

6. In the rare event that a mailbox needs to be accessed, the account is recreated with the same username and FID, using GWPORT32 and the short procedure described in TID 10009522.

7. The archive is restored.

8. The person who needs access to the mailbox opens the GroupWise client with the /U=? switch and enters the username and password.

9. The archive location is changed to the place where it was restored to, and when the archive view is opened, the entire mailbox is there.

Note from Gert: Using the archive FID editor, you can edit the FID of the archive to match an existing or newly created user ID's FID as well.


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