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Posted: 6 Dec 2006

Recently Novell announced the first offerings of its desktop-to-data center management initiative, including the availability of a comprehensive set of solutions which orchestrate the management of virtual machines, high-performance computing and other IT resources. Following the agreement with Microsoft,, these offerings are the next steps in Novell's plan to deliver on its vision of interoperable, cross-platform management solutions. Systems management solutions from Novell provide open standards-based management that covers the entire enterprise IT environment, from Linux to UNIX to Windows, and help you maximize the value of your technology infrastructure.

ZENworks Orchestrator

Novell ZENworks Orchestrator is the brain behind data center systems management. Orchestrator automates operations so IT tasks are done consistently and according to policy every time. As a result, you're not in fire-drill mode, working on repetitive, labor-intensive tasks. Orchestrator keeps your resources, both physical and virtual, working together and focused on your business priorities.

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ZENworks Virtual Machine Management

Pick your virtual environment; VMware, Xen or Microsoft. Novell ZENworks Virtual Machine Management manages the entire lifecycle of your choice of virtual machines. Virtual Machine Management is critical to efficiently implementing virtualization in your data center and achieving a return on your investment.

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ZENworks High Performance Computing Management

Novell ZENworks High Performance Computing (HPC) Management allows you to take advantage of idle and under-utilized computing resources anywhere in your system and put them to work. With HPC Management, you can virtualize applications and data and then distribute them to existing computing resources for processing. As a result, you get a distributed scalable computing system that acts and is managed as a single operating environment.

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ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management

It's difficult to overstate the value of an efficient, comprehensive asset management solution. Without one, your business is exposed to undue risk with no reliable way to prove licensing compliance. You run the risk of paying for software licenses and maintenance coverage you don?t need. Finally, without an asset management system in place, you can't effectively negotiate with vendors because you lack visibility into key dates, terms and conditions and asset usage patterns.

Novell ZENworks Asset Management solves these problems by combining sophisticated network discovery, workstation inventory, software management, software usage and contract management capabilities into one comprehensive asset management solution. With ZENworks Asset Management, you gain a more complete and accurate view of all your IT assets. You can eliminate software overspending because you improve your ability to accurately track and monitor software licenses, installations and compliance. And, you get instant access to all the information you need -- including licensing contracts -- so you can handle software audits with complete confidence and zero stress. Novell ZENworks Asset Management includes:

  • Asset Inventory
  • Novell ZENworks Recognition Technology
  • Software Management
  • License Tracking and Compliance
  • Reconciliation
  • Usage
  • Contract Management

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