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Backup Critical Data to a Volume that is Backed Up Daily

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By Paul Caron

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Posted: 8 Dec 2006


Needed to find a way of backing up critical data to a volume that is backed up daily. Our SYS volume is backed up monthly, but there is vital data that needs daily backups.


By creating a NCF file for each server, I can now choose what folders I want to copy to different volumes. I launch that file on a timed basis by using Novell Remote Manager (NRM). I have the same script for all servers that have only a SYS volume (replica servers) and a different script for servers with multiple volumes.

The script unloads dsbrowse in case it's already loaded.

It then performs the TIME command, so that the console log file now has a time stamp in it. Sometimes you examine the console and you can't determine when something was launched or unloaded from the server. Now at least, I have a daily timestamp in the log file.

I then perform a dsrepair -rc to create a Dibset.

I then launch TBX (NetWare 6.5 version of toolbox), with a preceding question mark, which makes TBX wait a period of time (3 minutes on my server) prior to loading. The Dsrepair -rc command can take up to 3 minutes on my replica servers, so I need to give it some time to finish before proceeding.

Issue TBX commands to remove all files from the destination folder VOL1:\DSR_DIB and the NICI folder.


#NetWare 6.5 script:
unload dsbrowse.nlm
dsrepair -rc
rm -r -v vol1:\dsr_dib
rm -r -v vol1:\nici
CP -r -v SYS:\SYSTEM\nici VOL1:\nici
unload tbx
#NetWare 5.1 script:
dsrepair -rc
COPY SYS:\SYSTEM\nici VOL1:\nici -srd
unload toolbox

I then issue TBX commands to copy the contents of the folders to the new volume and create the folder if it is not there.

I then unload TBX

Lastly, I load the inventory program. This makes Inventory lookups from NRM extremely fast, as it will prompt you that an inventory exists, do I want to use it?

There are a number of features one could choose to add/remove from this script. I also have a different one for NetWare 5.1, for our few legacy servers.

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