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Inventory Multiple Machines at Once in ZENworks Asset Management

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By Geoffrey Carman

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Posted: 18 Dec 2006

In ZENworks Asset Management, there are several ways to start an inventory on multiple machines at once.

One is via the web console, and selecting multiple machines and choosing Scan Inventory now from the bottom of the page. But you are limited to 100 at a time (the number displayed on a page), which in large environments can be a problem.

Using the Manager (it has just the name Manager), the Win32 application on the Collection Server, you can select the Query tab, Workstations, and with no selection criteria Show results, which should be all the machines in your inventory database.

Once the list is shown in the bottom window, you can right click on the row header (left-most space of each row), and select Scan Now.

By holding down the Shift key, you can scroll and select as many rows as you want to then right-click and select Scan Now.

One nice thing about doing it in Manager is that you get notified as each finishes. Which, to be honest, is actually quite annoying if you are doing hundreds, but when you are troubleshooting issues, it is nice feedback to get, so you know something has actually happened.

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