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Posted: 18 Dec 2006

If you are looking for a way to keep your end users from inadvertently bringing malware and spyware to work with them via portable devices like USB memory sticks, ZIP drives, PDAs, wireless LAN adapters, digital cameras, CD/DVD players and burners, scanners, etc., you should take a closer look at Sanctuary Suite, part of the ZENworks 7 IT Management family.

Today's enterprise security and support headaches arise primarily from one source: end users and their PCs. Malware, spyware, data leaks engineered with removable media -- and all the resulting regulatory compliance shortfalls -- endlessly preoccupy administrators. A few years ago, not many would have considered an MP3 player a security risk, and they probably wouldn't have anticipated a wave of boutique spyware crafted to target individual organizations. Today, such threats are a daily reality. Unfortunately, most existing security solutions have been unable to stem the tide of these threats, chiefly because enterprise endpoints are porous and becoming more so as new hardware technologies and peer-to-peer applications multiply. These limited solutions rely on signatures or other methods that react to symptoms only after a threat has already materialized.

SecureWave Sanctuary Suite 4.0 provides the two critical components enterprises need?device control and application control?to solve problems associated with endpoint executables and devices. Moreover, Sanctuary Suite works in a simple, unique way that puts control back in the hands of IT administrators while giving end users the flexibility they demand. Sanctuary Suite allows policy-based control of all devices and applications that can possibly be used on enterprise endpoints. It links application and device policies to user and user-group information stored in Novell eDirectory. With this white list approach deployed on their networks, administrators can literally turn their backs on the tempest of unwanted applications, malware and unauthorized devices and focus instead on what is authorized and approved. Sanctuary dramatically simplifies the management of endpoint applications and devices.

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