Message Source, MIME.822, and GroupWise WebAccess

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By Alex Paz

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Posted: 19 Dec 2006

This tip is intended for administrators or users of Groupwise.

I am sure all you GroupWise administrators and curious users can sympathize with the intimidation felt when viewing the Message Source Tab new to GroupWise 7. Before the addition of the Message source tab, the information was a buried attachment known as Mime.822. The Mime.822 gives you the route taken by an Internet mail, known as the header information. This file is very handy when analyzing spam, when tracing the path an internet mail takes to get to your GroupWise system.

Here is a piece of spam I received viewed in my GroupWise 7.01 Client. As you can see, the Message Source sends your head spinning with IP addresses, host names, date stamps, and other header information.

Figure 1 - GroupWise Message Source tab

To make this a little easier on the eyes, let's log in to GroupWise WebAccess and take a little of the sting out of reading the message source or mime.822.

Figure 2 - WebAccess message

As you can see from the mail message, the Message Source tab is not available from GroupWise WebAccess, but there is a Mime.822 attachment. Let's click on the View link of the Mime.822 and see how nicely WebAccess renders this file.

Figure 3 - Mime.822 viewed in WebAccess

The WebAccess rendered version makes the message source so much easier to follow and understand. Although this email appears to be from an internal address, this nice breakdown of the message source shows otherwise.

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