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Dealing with Lost Webadmin Passwords in Novell Security Manager

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Posted: 3 Jan 2007


If you lose your Webadmin password in Novell Security Manager, you cannot administer NSM!


Here are the steps to follow to avoid this problem:

1. Boot from CD (SUSE Live CD, for example).

2. Make a mount of the hard disk drive.

3. If you don't know the partitions, apply the following command:

fdisk /dev/sda (SATA drive)
or fdisk /dev/hda (IDE drive)

then press "P" to print a partitions list.

4. Mount the hard disk partition (e.g., "mount /dev/sda2 /mnt").

5. Go to the /etc directory on the hard drive (e.g., "ie /mnt/etc").

6. Modify the shadow file (which contains the system passwords).

7. On the line which contains root, remove the encrypted password. Before modification:


After modification (removing the characters between the ":" symbols):


8. Duplicate this modification for the "loginuser" user. Now the root and loginuser have no passwords!

9. Remove the bootable CD and reboot the machine.

10. After reboot, login with root user (without password).

11. In the file "/etc/wfe/conf/settings", modify the value "reset_pwd = 0" to "reset_pwd=1".

12. Save the file and reboot.

13. Go to the Webadmin interface. The Webadmin asks you for new passwords for root, loginuser and admin, like the first installation; but, of course, all configuration on your NSM machine is now alive!

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