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Troubleshooting Open Source Spam Filtering on GWIA

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By Rob Aronson

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Posted: 2 Jan 2007


Using an Opensource spam filter / virus scanner, we could not implement the "Unknown users rejection" feature. Also, messages with authorized recipients would be bounced.


GWIA was making black-list lookups, which slowed down the acceptance of vaild messages. The mail scanner would then treat all addresses as unauthorized. Turning off black-list lookups on gwia fixed the issue.


Place the following directive in the /etc/sysconfig/postfix file to enable the function:
POSTFIX_ADD_SMTPD_RECIPIENT_RESTRICTIONS=?reject_unverified_recipient?is placed 


  • Groupwise 7.01 runing on OES Linux.
  • The mailscanner is maia mailguard, built on SLES 10, with amavisd, postfix, and spamassassin.
  • The filter is built using the excellent instructions provided by Stephen Carter of U.K.

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