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Using an IDM Rule to Track Attribute Changes in Oracle DB

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By Francesco Vinci

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Posted: 3 Jan 2007


You want to use a rule in Command Transformation Policy to change specific fields in the Oracle database SQL. If the functions 'if-src-attr' and 'Destination Attribute' are used, then the Remote Loader does not connect to the driver, and the following error occurs:

"java.lang.SecurityException: Authentication handshake failed: driver returned 'Invalid driver object password'"


To diagnose changes in specific fields in the database, use this function:

"if operation attribute 'Surname' changing"



<comment name="author" xml:space="preserve">Francesco Vinci</comment>
<if-op-attr name="CN" op="changing"/>
<token-attr name="CN"/>


  • Open Enterprise Server SP2
  • Identity Manager 3.0.1
  • Windows Server 2003 with:
    • Oracle 9i
    • Remote Loader: IDM 3.0.1 JDBC Driver Version 2.1.5

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