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How to Reconfigure Your Screen in YaST/SaX2

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By Simon Crute

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Posted: 2 Jan 2007


Sometimes, when you're trying to reconfigure your screen in YaST/SaX2, you figure out that YaST did the job best during install time. Or, you've changed your monitor and want to see if the automatic configuration at install time will work.


As root, drop to a console

  init 3

then, to tell sax to automatically reidentify your hardware and software try the following:

sax2 -a -r 

If you're using the ATI FGLRX driver, then try:

sax2 -a -r -m 0=fglrx

Or, the nvidia binary driver,

sax2 -a -r -m 0=nvidia

Remember, if you have Xgl enabled, and run SaX2, it will overwrite your Xgl sym links, so run:

gonme-xgl-switch -enable

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