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Using the IDM GroupWise Driver with a GroupWise Cluster

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By Axel Larsson

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Posted: 31 Jan 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Does the IDM 3(SP1) GroupWise Driver work with a two-node clustered GroupWise 7.01?"

And here's the response from Axel Larsson ...


It does, but because the GroupWise driver requires filesystem access to a GroupWise domain database, it makes things interesting.

It's easy if the GroupWise domain database is on a NetWare cluster, and you have an eDirectory server on NetWare with sufficient replica coverage that you already have or can install the Engine on to. The driver does support NCP access to the domain database on another NetWare server. You would simply use the cluster virtual server name in the path to the domain database and provide eDirectory credentials that have filesystem rights to the domain database in the driver configuration.

If you are in a situation like we were, where GroupWise is on a NetWare cluster with no eDirectory replicas, and the eDirectory replicas and the IDM engine are on Linux, then your options are more limited. The documentation used to state that you could use ncpfs to remote mount the NetWare volumes from the Linux IDM server. But it now explicitly states that remote-mounting of any sort is not supported when running either the IDM driver or GW on Linux. (Given the sordid history that file locking has had on Linux and the potential for database corruption when using something like ncpfs, I am not surprised by this.)

The best option in this case is to use a Windows machine running the Remote Loader service and use Client32 to attach the domain database. This is what we do, and it works well. You do not need to dedicate an entire Windows box just to run the Remote Loader service. We run ours alongside our BlackBerry server.

Finally, if GroupWise itself is on an OES Linux cluster, then you have only one real option: using the Remote Loader and accessing the domain database locally. When GroupWise is on Linux, only local access to the domain database files is supported. In that case, you would be starting the Remote Loader service with the cluster resource that has your domain database.

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