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Importing Outlook Contacts into a GroupWise Address Book

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Posted: 30 Jan 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"My boss has just come from another organization that used Outlook. We use GroupWise. Is there a way to export his outlook contacts and import them into the GroupWise Address book? Can you please point me to directions on how to accomplish this if it is possible."

And here's the response from several Forum members ...


H Martin

Transend Migrator is an excellent tool to keep in your Toolbox. You can find it at:
It works like a dream and does more than Outlook.

Dominik Weglarz

My suggestion is:

1. Install Outlook 2003.

2. Import the .pst file.

3. Install the GroupWise 7 client.

4. Configure the new account in Outlook (using the Groupwise system). When you run Outlook you should see both contacts box.

5. Select all items in the Outlook contacts and paste them into the Groupwise contacts.

Joe Marton

Is it possible to export the Outlook contacts as vCard? If you can export them all as one big vCard file, you can then use this tool to convert to NAB, which easily imports into GW:

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