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Make Imaged Workstations boot AutoAdmin Login

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By Paul Pedron

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Posted: 10 Jan 2007


You have imaged workstations with ZENworks imaging using sysprep and want to have the workstations boot AutoAdmin Login at least once to make any changes unique to that PC. To set/unset the Computername, DNS Settings, and other Windows components, clear BEFORE logging in with the Novell Client. Here's how you do it.


Sysprep.inf - two parameters to understand.


This will allow AutoLogin to the workstation desktop as Administrator two times, before the Gina is turned over to the Novell client in the image.


Copy of section affected in the sysprep.inf

    TimeZone=4  (will vary)


Two scenerios to be aware of (if using ZENworks Image Safe Data on hard drive to populate registry then minimum count = 2)


  1. If ZISD is populated, the first reboot after sysprep will transfer zisd to the registry and reboot (this is boot count #1). Then it will Autoadmin login a second time (count #2) to windows desktop as Administrator so you can set Computername or have precached zen apps deploy and install (we have Naldesk in registry to run automatically). This is when we clear all reg settings for WSImport, NAI, ZPM, ZAM. Then when all settings completed then next time the machine reboots it will come up to the Novell prompt and registers with WSImport, NAI, ZPM, ZAM.
  2. If ZISD is not populated then the first time after the sysprep, it will AutoAdmin login to windows desktop (count #1). Make changes or zen precached applications install. This is where we clear all the reg settings for WSImport, NAI, ZPM, ZAM. Next time you reboot, it will again AutoAdmin login to the windows desktop (count #2). This is when it registers to and register with WSImport, NAI, ZPM, ZAM. Then another reboot is necessary to display the Novell Client GINA.

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