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Customizing the iChain Login Page for Two Accelerators

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Posted: 17 Jan 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I wonder if it is possible to customize the login page that iChain will be using, two different master accelerators. For example:

accel-1: login page one
accel-2: login page two"

And here are the responses from Doug and Tim ...



1. Make a new directory under sys:\etc\proxy\data and call it whatever you want. In this case it could be sys:\etc\proxy\data\accel-1

2. Copy all files from sys:\etc\proxy\data to the new directory. (You don't really need all of the files, but it's easier than figuring out what you need and what you don't need, in my opinion.)

3. Alter the appropriate files in the accel-1 directory to create your custom login page.

Helpful Info from Novell documentation is here:

4. Specify the custom login page in the "Custom login page location (blank to disable)" field in the accelerator configuration. (You only need to enter the new directory name (accel-1), as it's a relative reference.)

5. Repeat these steps for accel-2.

6. Restart iChain and you should be good to go.


You can also use the uservol:\etc\proxy\data directory if desired.

The files that you need in the directory depend on the type of authentication you are doing. I wrote TID 10095706 some time ago, which spells out which login file (calogxxx.htm) would be used for which profile type.

Also be sure to copy in (or create) a CALOGOUT.HTM file for the iChain logout page.

If you also want to be cell phone/PDA compliant, copy in the corresponding .SIM and .WML files and modify them accordingly.

You also need to have your graphics and css files that you will be using in the directory, too.

If you just want to cover all your bases, copy all CA*.* files. This would get all instances of any login or logout file used by iChain, the style.css file, and all *.gif and *.jpg files (of course, that's only about 9 files shy of everything in sys:\etc\proxy\data).

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