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Detecting Plug-ins Installed in iManager

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By Talekar Nagareshwar

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Posted: 17 Jan 2007

This tip explains how to quickly detect if your plug-in is installed on iManager.


Often when you want to check whether a specific plug-in is installed in iManager, you have to log in to iManager first. However, there is clever and quick way to do the same thing with less effort.


Checking for Installed Plug-ins

Assume that you have iManager running on a remote machine, such as Let's say you want to check whether the NMAS plug-in (nmas.npm) is installed on this iManager.

For that, open up Firefox or Internet Explorer and then browse to the following location:

If the NMAS plugin is installed, then you will be prompted to save this file. If it is not, installed then you will see the error message saying that the specified object was not found. You can check for any plug-in this way, provided you know its file name.

Checking for Uninstalled Plug-ins

A similar technique can be used to find out if a plug-in is uninstalled from iManager.

First, open your browser and then browse to this location (with the IP address we used earlier):

If the NMAS plugin is uninstalled, you will be prompted to save this NPM file. Otherwise, you will see the "Object not found" error on your browser.

This technique enables you to determine the status of a plug-in without logging in to iManager.

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