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Using an LDIF to Extend NSL Schema

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By David Guest

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Posted: 24 Jan 2007


A user tried to extend the LDAP Schema on Critical Path Directory Server version 4.2 by running LDAPSchema.Exe that came with SecureLogin v3.5.1 but it didn't work as expected. The reason is that LDAPSchema.Exe should only be run when using the SecureLogin LDAP client with eDirectory or Sun One as the SSO data store. All other LDAP compliant Directory servers, including Critical Path, require an LDIF file.


1. With an LDIF file, use ldapmodify instead to extend the schema correctly.

2. Set up the SSL certificates.

3. Install the SecureLogin LDAP client.

4. Assign the appropriate ACL's so SecureLogin will run.

Here is the LDIF file for extending the schema - thanks to David Guest!

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