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Mailfile Quota Size Setting Not Replicated on IDM Driver for Lotus Notes

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By Perry Nuffer

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Posted: 24 Jan 2007


The Lotus Notes Driver creates a mailfile for "JoeUser.nsf" with a specific quota size. But when the mailfile is replicated by Domino to another system, the quota size is no longer in effect. What is going on?


This is most likely not a Notes Driver issue, but a Domino cluster replication issue. To make sure that replicas will be identical when Notes users fail over, Domino cluster replication ignores database size quotas by default. This makes cluster replication consistent with the router, which also ignores quotas by default.

A Domino server can be configured to honor database size quotas, even within cluster replicated environments, by using the CLREPL_OBEYS_QUOTAS=1 setting within the notes.ini file. See your Domino Administration help guide for more information, especially "Obeying database size quotas during cluster replication".

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