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Renewing Challenge/Response Data Administratively

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By Kevin Hurni

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Posted: 24 Jan 2007


You have a user who needs to change his answers to challenge/response questions. But you haven't enabled User Administration in the Novell Client, and you don't have the User Application set up yet. How can you administratively reset the answers for the challenge/response questions?


Here's the "easiest" method to do this:

1. Load ConsoleOne and go into the User Object properties.

2. Disable ALL page Options except for the Other tab.

3. Close the User Properties and re-open it. The Challenge/Response setup is contained in four attributes:

  • SAS: Login Configuration (this is only visible via ConsoleOne and only by disabling all the page options except "other")
  • SAS: Login Configuration Key
  • SAS: Login Secret
  • SAS: Login Secret Key

4. Delete all four of these attributes.

The next time the user logs in with the 32-bit client they will be prompted to answer their challenge/response questions again.

Please note that this is for an administrative reset of the challenge/response questions and answers.


  • User Administration is disabled on the Novell Client.
  • You are not using Challenge/Reseponse with a HINT.
  • User Application or Forgotten Password with NPS is not available to the users.

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