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Importing Address Book Info into Excel

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By Markus Bloechl

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Posted: 20 Feb 2007


How do you get the address information from all your business contacts into an application such as Microsoft Excel to use for a mailing? You enter so much information in GroupWise, there's got to be a way to export the information for use in other applications.


Here's the best way I've found ...

1. Open GW Addressbook.

2. Choose the desired Address Book.

3. Select File > Export.

4. Choose the desired option (whole AB or selected entries).

5. Save to a *.NAB file at the desired location.

6. Open Miocrosoft Excel.

7. Create a new sheet.

8. Select Data > Import external data > Import data (these menu items my vary - I've just transated them from German excel).

9. Find and select your saved *.NAB file to open (select 'All Files (*.*)' as filetype!)

The text conversion wizard/assistant pops up (if installed).

10. Run through that wizard with your options.

You're done! All tre contacts are listed in your Excel spreadsheet, ready for further processing.

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