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Detecting the iManager Version

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By Talekar Nagareshwar

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Posted: 21 Feb 2007


Many a times there is a need to determine the version of iManager. Currently you can do that by login to iManager remotely or physically checking on the machine where iManager is installed. This is not easy when you are managing lots of machines. Also many times during testing, you want to find out the right version of iManager without wasting much time.


This tip explains how to find out the version of iManager running on the remote machine easily and quickly.

The iManager web server has a file called version.jsp, which contains a script to detect the version of iManager and display it. You can directly access this file from your browser and find out the version without even authenticating to iManager.

For example, assume that you have iManager running on a remote machine with an IP address of To check the iManager version, open your browser and browse to the following location:

Now you will see the iManager version of that remote machine on your browser.

This entire process is automated in the iManagerDetector tool, which can scan a single machine or range of machines at a time to determine the iManager version.


  • iManager
  • Windows/Linux/Netware

Chris Van Den Abbeele adds:

"You can also browse to :
(that gives you more detail, including the support pack version).
Or, just click on the Orange "Novell iManager" in the left top corner of iManager."

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