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Generating volume_inventory.html for automation

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By Theo Chaojareon

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Posted: 14 Feb 2007


Generating the volume_inventory.html file requires you to log into NRM, and click on reports, then the volume you want to see the report on. Once there you can see a report of the current inventory. This however is unwieldy if you have more than just a few servers to run inventory on.


The report will generate by going to the following url:


You will need to authenticate as a server admin. This can be added in a script through wget.


wget https://yourserver:8009/VolumeStatus/[volume]/INVENTORY2--no-check-certificate --http-user=[server admin] --http-password=[password] --delete-after

replace [volume], [server admin], and [password] with appropriate values eg:

wget --http-user=.admin.fake --http-password=fakepassword --delete-after


This was done on a NetWare 6.5 sp5. wget can be run from many different types of OS' including NetWare.

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