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Quick Way to Detect the iFolder Version

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By Talekar Nagareshwar

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Posted: 28 Feb 2007

This cool tip shows a quick way to find out the iFolder version remotely.


If you are upgrading the existing iFolder servers or involved in testing iFolder in your lab, you need to know the iFolder version. Currently, you have to log on to iFolder or locally visit the particular lab machine to find out its version. Here I will show you a quick way to do the same.


The iFolder web server has a file called "about.html" that displays the current version information. This file can be directly accessed from your browser without authenticating to the iFolder.

Assume that you have iFolder running on the remote machine with IP address as To check its version, open your browser and browse to the following location:

This is good for single machine, but when you have to scan the entire range of machines it is not easy. Hence I have automated it by writing a perl script that is published at the following location:


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  • NetWare

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