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Upgrading GWIA and WebAccess for DST

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By Michael Bell

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Posted: 6 Mar 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I can't seem to find any documentation on how to upgrade the GWIA and WebAccess as is required due to the DST changes. I'm running GW 7.0.1. I've got the 7.0.1 ir1 sp downloaded. I run setup and don't know if I should use "Create or Update a GroupWise System" or "Install Products"? If I go to "Install Products" and select GWIA and WebAccess will the current GW configuration data be preserved?"

And here's the response from Michael Bell ...


1. Update the ConsoleOne snap-ins, in the "c1admin" folder.

2. Copy them to corresponding folders off the ConsoleOne install you have.

3. In the Agents directory, run Install.

4. Fill out everything, but when prompted to fill out PO/Domain info, just click Next. That skips modifying the startup files.


5. Back up your gwia.cfg.

6. Run the Setup program and fill out the prompts.

7. Finish the install and restore gwia.cfg.


8. Run and install.

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