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Design Issues: OES Linux and GroupWise

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By Jim Michael

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Posted: 13 Mar 2007


A Forum reader asked the following question:

"With all the updates to OES Linux and Groupwise, what is the best design for a company with NetWare and GroupWise 7.1.x mail systems, adding OES Linux with a secondary domain and PO?

There will be multiple administrators creating users and changing passwords. We expect this mail system to be over 75 GB quickly, as we're moving users off off another NetWare-based GroupWise system that is over-capacity."

And here's the response from Jim Michael ...


Set up GroupWise on Reiserfs or another Linux file system and use an NCP share for administration. That's the solution I recommend (and use). There is absolutely no need to run GroupWise on an NSS volume, as end users don't need the sophisticated rights to that data that NSS offers, nor do you normally need salvage on such volumes.

Letting GroupWise data exist on a native Linux file system is very stable, and making it available via NCP server is quite easy and effective. We see no file locking issues (the only files you really access from the client for GW administration are the domain databases, anyway).

The only other thing I would consider is using EXT3 instead of Reiser. Novell/SUSE have made statements that they will not be using ReiserFS as the default file system going forward, and EXT3 (and whatever it evolves into) will be the future default file system. So, you might want to simply start there now ...

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