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Creating/Modifying Groups using an LDAP Command Line

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By Aaron Burgemeister

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Posted: 7 Mar 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"How can I create/modify groups using the command line? I need to figure out how to handle eDirectory groups under LDAP. I have Novell 8.8 installed on Windows server 2003."

And here's the response from Aaron Burgemeister ...


Hacking groups from the command line (via LDAP) is simple enough. You just need to be sure you modify both the user AND group sides of the link. Given this example:



... you need to modify both a user and group to add these things:

dn: cn=admin,dc=user,dc=system
changetype: modify
add: groupMembership
groupMembership: cn=admingroup,dc=group,dc=system
- -
add: equivalentToMe
equivalentToMe: cn=admingroup,dc=group,dc=system

dn: cn=admingroup,dc=group,dc=system
changetype: modify
add: member
member: cn=admin,dc=user,dc=system
- -
add: securityEquals
securityEquals: cn=admin,dc=user,dc=system

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