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Add ACL Support to Nautilus

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By Mike Petersen

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Posted: 9 Feb 2007


When using the GNOME Interface on SLES10 or SLED10 it is very hard to adjust ACLs (Access Control Lists) on files and directories because Nautilus does not have ACL support (yet).


Fortunately there is a Nautilus Extension that will add ACL support to Nautilus. It is called Eiciel and can be found at:

This extension will add additional tabs on the file and directory properties sheet called "Access Control List" and "Extended User Attributes" where you can graphically adjust the ACLs. Eiciel also installs a standalone application that allows the same functionality.


Eiciel was written in C++, so you will need some additional software packages for SLES10 from the SLE-SDK, these are gtkmm24, glibmm24 and libsigc++2 (these packages are available on the SLED10 install media if installing on SLED10).

I have built an RPM (i586 only) for eiciel to allow for easy installation, you can download it from:


the Source RPM (if you want to build it for x86-64) can be found at:


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