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Squeeze Statistical Data Out of SNMP

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By Roger Foss

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Posted: 8 Mar 2002

Did you know you could get valuable information from the management protocol NetWare uses to keep it's systems up and running? SNMP or Simple Network Management Protocol is used extensively to manage NetWare networks but few tap into its ability to provide statistics that can be used to tune and troubleshoot a network.

Here's some info from Novell Norway Systems Engineer Roger Foss that should give you enough to start exploring the information SNMP can provide.

Get a MIB browser:
Check out this site which lets you download the GetIf MIB browser, and mentions specific NetWare SNMP OID's.

Get some MIBs:
For GetIf to understand NetWare, you need to feed it MIB files for what you want to monitor. The site I referred to above has a collection of MIBs, including those for IIS, SQL Server, NetWare and others.

I've also attached my personal collection of Novell-related MIBs, including one for BorderManager (experimental). Download these MIBs here.

To use these MIBs, simply copy them into the subdirectory called MIBS under your GetIF installation, and edit the .index file so it references these files.

Get a graphing tool:
While your at it, check out Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) -- an SNMP-based tool that is able to graph any SNMP variable. With it you can easily create and graphs for server utilization, BorderManager cache utilization, number of connections, etc. It is very intelligent and does not consume any overhead.

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