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Posted: 1 Mar 2007

Check out Jason Werner's new article in Connection Magazine for an in-depth look at the issues surrounding the changes to Daylight Saving Time, and offers practical advice on how to make all the necessary adjustments to your systems.


In past years in the U.S., preparing for Daylight Saving Time (DST) meant a quick stroll through your house, rolling clocks forward an hour and changing the batteries in your smoke detectors. That all changes on March 11, 2007.

That's right, DST is March 11th this year in the United States, not the traditional second Sunday in April. And while in past years you were likely to be concerned about your VCR and microwave clocks, this year you should bump every system and device on your network to the top of your time-change list.

Like any new regulation, event, date or even catastrophe that requires you to uniformly evaluate your networks, it all starts with a plan. Organizations with established processes, such as those outlined in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), will be better positioned to assess, rectify and audit DST 2007 preparations.

Likewise, organizations with systems in place to quickly effect change and configuration management routines will spend less time and effort dealing with DST. Novell offers both products to help automate systems management, as well as a wealth of information to help IT managers prepare and deal with the 2007 time-change issues.

Read the whole article here >

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