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Remove the NetWare Tray Icon from the Taskbar via the Login Script

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By Ben Francom

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Posted: 2 Mar 2007


We have a history application that requires separate rights. Users would forget to close the main accounting application before logging in as a history user. This would cause data stability problems.


Since we haven't implemented ZENworks (yet), the solution was to remove the NetWare tray icon from the task bar via login script. This was done using a vb script to modify the registry.


The login script references a batch script that calls the vb script. The reason for this is that the changes don't take effect until the next login. In our batch script, we have it auto logout. Then on subsequent logins, it runs through.

login script:


REM Disable NetWare Tray Icon
If exist C:\nwti.txt goto nwtiDone
echo "FEB" >> C:\nwti.txt
wscript.exe z:\resources\batches\scripts\NWTrayIconNo.vbs
shutdown -l

' Toggle use of NW Tray icon 
' Tested on Windows XP SP2 
dim strKey, wshShell, intValue 
strKey = "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Novell\Network Provider\Menu Items\Enable Systray Icon" 
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
intValue = wshShell.regRead(strKey) 
wshShell.regWrite strKey, "no", "REG_SZ" 
'msgBox "Nwtray changed to Hidden", vbOk, "NWTray Icon Status"

*Note: To enable the tray icon, change the "no" in the vbscript to "yes" then modify batch script accordingly.


Windows XP SP2 Client Version 4.91 sp1

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