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How to Create an Installation Source for SLES 10

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By Rob Aronson

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Posted: 7 Mar 2007


I needed to add some applications to my SLES 10 server. Specifically I needed ImageMagick to install fuzzyocr for my spamassassin mail filter. I couldn't locate all the files and all the additional libraries I needed to get everything to compile. To complicate things I'm working on this host remotely. The server is behind a firewall and I'm doing my work over an SSH connection.


The packages I needed were included in SLED 10, all precompiled and ready to use. To gain access to them I created an installation server on a computer here at my office and loaded SLED 10 through the YAST control. Once I had that built, I added it as an HTTP installation source. From there it was very simple to select the Imagemagick packages and all the needed libraries from the YAST software management tool. This was so much easier than trying to find the correct version of the libraries to compile or getting RPMS to install.


  • SLES10 host
  • OES server for the installation host
  • ISO of SLED 10

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