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Using Names without IDs in Notes

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By Perry Nuffer

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Posted: 21 Mar 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I'd like to create a Notes person in the names.nsf but without creating any ID. The ID creation will be done by another process for security reason as we don't want to stock any ID in the Domino server file system nor in the names.nsf. I can create users in my names.nsf without IDs, but it seems it is impossible to create an ID for these users in Domino Administrator. How can I certify and create an ID with Domino Administrator for this kind of entry created by IDM ? If I can't, what good is it to create users in IDM without IDs, that can't be certified by Domino Administrator ?"

And here's the response from Perry Nuffer ...


Try this thread for some suggestions:

Also, what seems useless to one, is a valuable treasure to another :-). I can think of a couple reasons for creating a user without an ID file, and I am sure other good reasons exist also.

1. You can create users within the Domino directory that can be used as external e-mail contacts and placed in e-mail distribution lists. These contact references become very valuable to an e-mail directory, and when they can be automatically maintained via Identity Manager, it's definitely a sweet solution for an e-mail address book.

2. Some Domino administrators use Notes for web e-mail, and they don't worry about creating ID files for those web e-mail users. The IDM driver for Lotus Notes creates Notes users without ID files, assigns an HTTPPassword, and builds mailboxes for them. The users can then access Notes e-mail via the web client. That way, no Notes registration or files are required.

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