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Removing Rights for Home Directory Users

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By Jim Henderson

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Posted: 18 Apr 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Pretty soon I will have to delete the home directory file systemrights for about 2000 users and 1000 group rights. Can you share an example of a batch script that would get me started?"

And here's the response from eDirectory expert Jim Henderson ...


Given a text file with a list of user IDs and all home directories on the same system, and assuming the CN was used for the directory name, you could do something like this:

--- userfile.txt ---

--- end ---

awk 'BEGIN {FS="."} {print "rights " $1 " rem /n=." $0}' >

Then run removerights.bat. (This is assuming I have the right command-line parameters for the old DOS RIGHTS command.)

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